Tequila Comisario Anejo
Tequila Comisario is an ultra premium tequila sourced from the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. During an era of Tequila Prohibition by 18th century King Charles III, the Spanish ruler who controlled Mexico, the natives of the region began producing tequila in the mountains around Los Altos, the highland region above Guadalajara. The distilleries hidden in these hills were protected by the Commissioner, who would warn them of Spanish soldiers searching the area. Comisario began as a tribute to him, and the special recipe has been re-discovered and re-created, resulting in this award-winning tequila. 100% pure, this pale amber anejo has an incredibly smooth taste with agave fruit on the nose. Comisario has been awarded 90+ scores, multiple international gold and double gold medals. The beautifully unique bottle reflects the anejo itself-enjoy its creamy smoothness and savor the clean and distinct flavors. Comisario Anejo tequila is aged for at least 23 months in oak barrels. The aroma and palate is a complex layering of buttercream, papaya, caramel and nougat notes leading into a supple, medium body with a smooth feel and flavors of grilled peppers, minerality, and a hint of cocoa. The finish is exquisitely long, with mocha and pepper spice with an ending warmth. Easily savored by itself or for an added depth to an array of cocktails such as a spicy margarita or an anejo manhattan.



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