Duality Double Malt Whiskey

Duality Double Malt is the World's 1st Whiskey of Its Kind, a delicious whiskey that sips like the crossroads of a smoky single malt and a robust rye.

Duality Double Malt was a happy accident, an experiment gone right when the grain supplier for our Head Distiller, Justin Manglitz, didn't have enough malted rye for Justin to make a full batch of Resurgens Rye. Justin exercised his ingenuity and added malted barley into the batch. As he normally did with Resurgens, Justin retained the grain-solids of both grains throughout the whole production process (from mashing, to fermentation, to distillation).

We expanded on the dual themes by finishing Duality in a combination of new & used barrels and bottling it at 88 proof. The result in Duality Double Malt is something truly unique, a testament to the innovative flavor combinations that craft distilleries across the U.S. are pioneering.

The label features a number of dualistic Easter eggs, including a Scottish-Gaelic translation of the first verses in Act V, Scene I of MacBeth: "Double double, toil and trouble, fire burn, and cauldron bubble."



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