50 Bleu Ultra Premium Vodka
On a quest to create the perfect vodka, the mixology duo descended upon the Podlaskie region of Poland, a cold, low-lying area famous for its glacial lakes and its exclusivity of the Dankowskie Golden Rye crop, the soul of 50 Bleu. In the genesis of 50 Bleu, DAngelo and Monrreal mixed this “winter rye, as its known, with crystal clear water pulled from an artisanal well containing water that consistently stays at 50-degrees fahrenheit, wherein paving the way for name 50 Bleu. Distilled four times, 50 Bleu is a vodka of esteemed craftsmanship and undeniable quality. The two vodka prodigies knew they had hit eureka the immediate moment they tasted their concoction, spawning a taste unlike anything they ever had. It was then that they knew they had just created the worlds highest premium vodka.



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